Rental Equipment

Pressure Control Equipment

Blow Out Preventers
BOP Type U Single, BOP Type U Double, BOP Annular, Rams (All Types), Accumulators

Companion Flanges, Weld Neck Flanges, Blind Flanges

Choke Manifolds, Kill Line Valves, Coflex Hoses

Diverter Systems

Fishing & Remedial Tools

Internal Catches
Spears, Packer Retrievers, Taper Taps

External Catches
Overshots, Die Collars, Impression Blocks

Hydraulic Tools
Surface Jars, Fishing Jars, Bumper Subs, Accelerators

Cutters & Mills
Internal Pipe Cutters, External Pipe Cutters, Milling Tools (All Types)

Washover Packages
* Wash Pipes, Wash Pipes Handling Gears, Washover Shoes

Patched Casing / Tubing, Junk Baskets & Subs, Fishing Magnets

Downhole Tools

Drill Pipes, HW Drill Pipes, Tubing, Drill Collars, Pup Joints (All Types), Torque Turn Computers

Hydraulic Tools
Downhole Motors, Drilling Jars, Shock Tools

Tubular Handling Gears
Tong (Hydraulic & Manual), Rig Tongs, Elevators, Bowls & Slips, Rotary Slips, Torque Turn Computers, Elevators , Power Units

Roller Reamers, Under Reamers, Casing Scrapers, Subs (All Types) ,Hole Openers, Casing Scrapers , Subs (All Types)

Containers, baskets, workshops & Specialist A60 Cabins as per DNV 2.7-1

Sale / Rental fleet include

  • Mini Containers (includes Cargo Safety nets & Shelf)
  • Dry Good Containers (includes Cargo Safety nets / Hi Cube option)
  • Half Height Containers (Includes cargo nets / tarpaulins / heavy lift),
  • Open Top containers
  • Offshore Tanks (Chemical Tanks)
  • Cargo Basket * Wire line Basket * Tool Basket * Drum Basket * Tool Box
  • Mud Skips / Drill Cutting Bins* Waste Skips * Waste Compactors * Frames * Personnel Baskets * Gas Bottle Rack,
  • Workshop Containers (Rigging loft, machinery van, workshop/storage container),
  • A60 Zoned Cabins ( Includes pressurization, air conditioning, fire and gas systems and A60 fire rating)
  • Refrigerated Units (10ft Chiller/Freezer / Chiller Freezer / Diesel generator available)